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Sea of Thieves' excellent gameplay loop and compelling world make up for some minor issues. Rare still has work to do here, but this is a great start.
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"Sea of Thieves" is a pirate-themed adventure game that allows players to explore the high seas, discover hidden treasures, and engage in ship-to-ship combat with other players. The game features a vast open world with multiple islands, underwater ruins, and mysterious creatures to encounter. Players can join crews, complete voyages, and become notorious pirates in a shared online world.

  • PC
  • Phone
  • Play​station 5
  • Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Play​Station
  • Tablet
  • Xbox


Audience ScoreBased on 121,277 reviews
graphics2,623 positive mentions
grinding1,287 negative mentions
  • story6,259 mentions
  • gameplay4,531 mentions
  • graphics3,934 mentions
  • funny1,696 mentions
  • grinding1,494 mentions
Positive mentions (%)Positive
Neutral mentions (%)Neutral
Negative mentions (%)Negative

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