Binaries Game Cover
Despite being a fun game, Binaries’ Super Meat Boy gameplay style doesn’t quite fit a puzzle game like this. Mainly due to our feeble human inability to monitor two characters at once.

"Binaries" is a platformer game where you control two balls simultaneously, navigating through over 100 challenging levels filled with obstacles and dangers. The game features quirky humor, adaptive music, and a non-linear map that allows you to choose your own path. With its high difficulty and replayability, players can strive for quicker times and S rankings on each level.

  • Mac OS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC
  • Play​station 4
  • Play​station 5
  • Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Linux
  • Play​Station
  • Xbox


Audience ScoreBased on 36 reviews
funny3 positive mentions
  • gameplay6 mentions
  • music6 mentions
  • graphics3 mentions
  • funny3 mentions
Positive mentions (%)Positive
Neutral mentions (%)Neutral
Negative mentions (%)Negative

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