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Discover the best soccer games that will keep you entertained and engaged. From Pocket Soccer 2018 to Kicked Out Of Elf School, our list features various soccer-themed games to suit different tastes. Whether you're into arcade-style soccer or management simulations like Samuel Bromley's No Stats Soccer Manager, we have you covered. Experience the thrill of soccer without leaving your screen. Explore our list of top-rated soccer games now. (50 words)

Immerse yourself in the world of soccer with our carefully selected list of the best video games. Try out titles such as Soccer Challenge, Soccer Heads, and Shaolin Soccer for fast-paced action and unique twists on the sport. If you prefer strategy and management, check out Penalty Shooters 2, Berry Tree, and Soccer Physics. Our list has something for everyone who loves soccer. (50 words)

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    "Soccer Skills - Euro Cup" is a 3D sports game that lets you represent one of 24 European nations in the Euro Championship. Its easy-to-learn controls and fun gameplay allow anyone to enjoy playing, with the skill level dependent on your timing and reactions. The game features smooth 3D graphics and instant replays of your goals. It's available as a web browser game for both desktop and mobile platforms.

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    Rocket Soccer Derby is a free online game on Poki, where players control cars in a soccer-inspired derby. This exciting car game offers lots of fun and entertainment, especially for those looking for something to do when bored. Players race, battle, and use boosts to score goals in a high-octane fusion of sports and racing.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 916,556 reviews

    "Moto X3M 5: Pool Party" is an exhilarating bike-stunt game set in a vibrant beach environment with 22 levels full of dangerous obstacles. Choose from three biker options and show off your stunt skills in this thrilling sequel, available to play on web browsers . Experience the summer fun with fullscreen mode!

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    Game Brain Score Based on 302,588 reviews

    Soccer Legends 2021 is an exciting sports game that allows for multiplayer and co-op gameplay. Choose your team and players from various eras, each with unique special abilities like fireball or teleport. Compete in friendly matches or tournaments in 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, or 2v1 configurations, using superkicks to gain the upper hand. For more soccer action, check out other games in the soccer games section, such as Soccer Random and Penalty Shooters 3.

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    MiniBattles (2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 player games) is an interesting local multiplayer one-button battle game that supports up to 6 players simultaneously in various mini games, such as soccer, cars, tanks, archers, and many more! Release Date June 2020 (Android). July 2020 (HTML5). Developer MiniBattles was made by Shared Dreams. If you would like to play the 2 player version from the same developer, …

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    Game Brain Score Based on 318,028 reviews

    Basket Random is a two-player arcade game with random physics. Hop along and fight for the ball through various basketball courts. Each dunk takes you to the next level! How to Play Use the W key to control player one and the up arrow to control player two. Fight frantically over the basketball, bouncing and spinning in the air trying to make the shot. Whatever team scores first wins that round. …

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    "A Small World Cup" is a 2D soccer game that allows you to choose your team and compete against opponents to score goals. The game offers a fullscreen mode and can be played on various devices, including web browsers and Android. The objective is to outscore your opponent and become the champion of the small world cup.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 929,271 reviews

    Soccer Skills Champions League is a free, online sports game found on Poki, where players can enjoy a virtual soccer experience in a fullscreen mode. This game offers a fun and engaging way to pass the time, particularly when bored, as it showcases various soccer skills in a championship setting. It is one of the popular choices among sports enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 722,013 reviews

    Soccer Skills World Cup is a free, online sports game available on Poki that lets you compete in a global soccer tournament. With a focus on fun and entertainment, this game is a great way to pass the time and improve your soccer skills. Whether you're a soccer fan or just looking for a new game to play, Soccer Skills World Cup is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 183,199 reviews

    SocCar is a free, multiplayer sports arcade game where you control an RC car in a soccer match against AI and human players. Your car is equipped with a machine gun to shoot opponents and guide the ball, and you can unlock upgrades as you level up. The game is inspired by Rocket League and features fast-paced gameplay in two thematic arenas.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 162,642 reviews

    "Penalty Shooters 2" is a soccer game that lets you participate in intense penalty shootouts in 12 fantasy leagues, choosing from 360 unique teams. As a shooter, hold the mouse to raise the shot height and aim for hard-to-reach spots; as a goalie, focus on timing to make the right move. The game features simple yet engaging gameplay, with the goal of becoming the champion. It was built using HTML5 technology and is playable on desktop and mobile web browsers.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 98,677 reviews

    "Soccer Masters: Euro 2020" is a sport game that allows 2-player and multi-player action. Compete as your favorite soccer nation in the Euro 2020 tournament, or play a quick match in friendly or tournament modes. Each team has unique abilities and outfits, and the game offers a fun and simple controls with great graphics and sound effects.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 34,874 reviews

    Soccer Dash is a casual web browser game where you play as the soccer ball, maneuvering around obstacles and opponents in a series of challenges. The game features cool slow-motion effects and creative animations, allowing you to develop your ingenuity and trajectory skills in this unique soccer experience. Head over to the soccer games section for more after playing!

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    MiniMissions is a 1 player game with 80 challenging mini games across various disciplines, including sports, combat, reflex games, and puzzles. The retro graphics and simple controls make for entertaining and engaging gameplay. Players must perfect their skills and timing to conquer all the missions.

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    "Foosball" is a free, 2-player Sport game where you can play table-based soccer against a friend or the computer. Use the W and S keys or arrow keys to move your poles up and down and twist to fire off shots. Play in tournament mode or free play, and check out other popular soccer games offered.

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    "Fireboy and Watergirl 3: Ice Temple" is the third cooperative platformer game in the series, where players explore the icy temple in a multi-player or single-player setting. Players must utilize the strengths of Fireboy and Watergirl, such as fire and water abilities, to defeat tricky situations and solve puzzles involving water, lava, slime, light, and ice. The game features 36 stages of increasing difficulty.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 96,793 reviews

    Penalty Shooters 2 is a soccer game where you shoot penalties in a fantasy league of your choice. Alternate between shooter and goalkeeper in intense penalty shootouts. Win the match to continue in the league and take your shot at becoming the champion. Penalty Shooters 2 Tips Holding the mouse will raise the height of the shot - use this to aim for difficult spots like the top corners of the net…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 57,797 reviews

    "Penalty Shooters 3" is a sports game that allows players to take penalty shots and guard the goal, available on web browsers. The game features two modes: Tier Mode with six levels of difficulty and the World Cup in prestigious arenas. Customize your team's jerseys, compete against adaptive AI, and collect over 250 whimsical teams, power-ups, and achievements to claim victory.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 70,800 reviews

    Penalty Kicks is a soccer game that puts you in the shoes of a penalty taker. You have 15 attempts to score as many goals as you can. null

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    Game Brain Score Based on 147,467 reviews

    "Fireboy and Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple" is the fourth installment in the cooperative platformer game series. This episode introduces teleportation crystals, adding a comes a new layer of complexity to the puzzles. The game is designed for two players, but can also be played solo, and features 38 levels of fire and water-based challenges. Mastering the basics and working together are key to overcoming the challenges and reaching the final door.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 115,324 reviews

    Want to play Gravity Soccer? Play this game online for free on Poki. Lots of fun to play when bored. Gravity Soccer is one of our favorite sports games.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 333,378 reviews

    "Tennis Masters" is a sport game for up to 2 players, playable in web browsers. Compete in 1-on-1 tennis matches against the computer or a friend, with the addition of power-ups and humorous transformations for extra fun. The game is developed by MadPuffers, known for their Moto X3M series and other sports games like "Basketball Stars" and "Soccer Masters."

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    Game Brain Score Based on 71,178 reviews

    "Penalty Shootout: Multi League" is a soccer penalty kick game where you can participate in various fantasy leagues and choose your favorite team. As a kicker, adjust the ball's direction, height, and speed using moving indicators. When playing as the goalkeeper, click the target indicator at the right time to make a save. The game was originally released in May 2017 for web browsers and updated in August 2018 for Android devices.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 113,233 reviews

    Heads Arena: Euro Soccer is a free online sports game featuring soccer matches between European teams. Players control large-headed characters in fast-paced, arcade-style action. This fun and engaging game is a great way to pass the time and enjoy some friendly competition.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 24,977 reviews

    "Soccer Bros" is a sport game that offers 2-player matches filled with fast-paced soccer action. Users can choose from a diverse cast of characters and use simple controls to maneuver and execute high-octane shots or tackles. The game is perfect for friendly competition, with its focus on skills, goal-scoring, penalty kicks, and strategic play. It will be available on web browsers in January 2024.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 17,579 reviews

    "Soccer Challenge" is a strategy game that allows two players or single-player action, with tournament mode available. Represent your country and choose from various formations to outmaneuver opponents. With multiple teams, buyable new teams and formations, and an authentic football atmosphere, enjoy hours of gameplay in this arcade-style soccer game. Available on multiple platforms.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 29,793 reviews

    Club Manager 2019 is an amazing and realistic soccer management game. In this title, you take on the role of a soccer club manager and must take your team to glory. You have complete control and must manage every aspect of the club. You must transfer players, take care of training, manage your stadium and facilities – you are the boss! Try and use your soccer knowledge to make wise decisions and …

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    Game Brain Score Based on 16,462 reviews

    "Pocket League 3D" is a Sport game that offers 2-player matches in a car-soccer setting. Players can enjoy the game in a web browser and compete with others online by checking out "SocCar" for multiplayer action. The game is fun, clean, and suitable for all ages.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 43,491 reviews

    Football Blitz is an arcade-style American football game that combines fast-paced action with strategic planning. Choose from a variety of teams and compete in multiple game modes, including quick match, tournament, and career mode. The game features intuitive controls, vibrant graphics, and satisfying physics, making it accessible for newcomers and enjoyable for seasoned players. Customize your team and lead them to victory in this addictive sports game.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 24,334 reviews

    Soccer Heads is a lighthearted sports game featuring famous UK football teams, where players compete in head-to-head soccer matches in a 2-player or solo mode against the computer. The goal is to score the most goals within the 60-second time limit, utilizing power-ups and unique stadium features for enhanced excitement. This game is a fun browser equivalent of a foosball table, making it an enjoyable choice for soccer and sports fans alike.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 24,209 reviews

    "Goalkeeper Champ" is a soccer-themed game where you play as the goalkeeper and must stop as many shots as possible using your mouse to move and jump. The game features a tournament-style progression, and for each successful save, you receive a glove, with three gloves resulting in your team scoring a goal. The game features various teams and an interactive penalty shooting scene, and is available on web browsers and Android.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 9,186 reviews

    Soccer Physics 2 is a cool soccer game with challenging physics-based gameplay. In this game you can either play against your friends using dual keyboard controls, or against a computer controlled team. Each team has 2 players and you must try and conquer the physics to kick the ball and score a goal in the opposing net. You will find this game challenging to start with, but as you play you wi…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 12,948 reviews

    "Real Soccer is a web-based sports game that allows you to create and manage your dream soccer team, competing against world-class opponents in league and cup tournaments. As the team manager, you'll oversee every aspect of your team's success, from player transfers to tactics and formation. This immersive game is perfect for soccer fans looking for a thrilling and engaging experience."

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    Game Brain Score Based on 32,749 reviews

    Soccer Physics is a fun and quirky arcade-style soccer game for kids, playable by two players. The goal is to score the most goals against your opponent to win. The game features simple controls, retro-style graphics, and an original music score. It's free to play, with no ads or in-app purchases, and is available on multiple platforms.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 4,934 reviews

    "Soccer Duel" is an arcade-style game that can be played in single-player mode or with a friend, either locally or over a network. The game features 32 football teams, multiple field designs, and various game modes, including single-player, two-player, tournament, crazy mode, and penalty shootout. It is available to play on web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices and supports Russian and English languages.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 2,337 reviews

    Soccer Hero is an arcade-style soccer game playable in your web browser. Your goal is to avoid enemy players and shoot the ball to score goals. The game's fast-paced action and simple controls make it easy to pick up and play, providing a fun and engaging soccer experience.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 11,042 reviews is an online team-based physics car soccer game where you drop in and out of 3v3 matches. The objective is to score as many goals as possible against the opposing team. To play, accelerate with W, reverse with S, steer with AD, and boost with SPACE, utilizing passing and boosting strategies to quickly move the ball down the field.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 18,560 reviews

    Penalty Rivals is a sports penalty soccer game where you face off against rivals in a high-stakes penalty shootout league. Your shooting and goalkeeping skills will be put to the ultimate test in this game. Can you climb your way to the top of the leaderboard and claim victory? Release Date November 2023 Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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    "Kopanito All-Stars Soccer" is an arcade-style football game with over-the-top action and unique abilities for each player. Experience fast-paced matches with special moves, upgrade your team's abilities, and engage in local or online multiplayer matches. With no referee, anything goes in this fun and frantic soccer experience!

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    Game Brain Score Based on 12,935 reviews

    Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup is a web-based soccer game that lets you choose your favorite team for a penalty shootout. Test your skills in both scoring and goalkeeping, with the ultimate goal of winning the 2016 Uefa European Championship. Also known as Penalty Champs 21, this game is available to play on both desktop and mobile browsers.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 20,175 reviews

    "World Cup Penalty" is a sports game where you play as a soccer team in a penalty shootout, taking 5 shots and blocking 5 shots per match. The goal is to score more than the opponent in each match and advance through the tournament. The game is available to play on web browsers for both desktop and mobile devices. Keep your cool and outscore every country to win the World Cup!

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    Game Brain Score Based on 3,388 reviews

    "Pongoal" is a casual web-browser game that combines elements of Pong and soccer. Players aim to score goals against an opponent goalkeeper to win matches. The game is developed by PlayWorks Digital and was released in November 2022.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 12,718 reviews

    Sports Mini Battles is a brilliant collection of sports-based games. You can either play against an AI computer opponent or your friend using split controls. There are four different sports games to play. During each game, you must try and beat your opponent in an intense sports match. In each game, the first player to score five times wins so stay alert and try to make every point or play count!…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 2,256 reviews

    "Fierce Shot" is a physics-based soccer game, where players complete challenges in Continental and International Cups to become the world's best. Improve skills through endless-mode training and manage daily development for stronger, more accurate shots. The game is playable on web browsers for both desktop and mobile devices.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 6,577 reviews

    Soccer Balls is a free online sports game where you can play with physics-based puzzle action. Whether you're a fan of soccer or not, you can have fun kicking balls at the referees and annoying them. The goal is to cause chaos on the soccer field while avoiding obstacles and scoring points.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 1,328 reviews

    "SPORTS" is a shocking twist on soccer games, where you control a player with weapons to injure opponents and score goals. Each character has unique weapons and attack patterns, with points awarded for both goals and injuries. This brutal soccer match challenges your strength and ruthlessness.

  • 47
    Game Brain Score Based on 2,211 reviews

    "1 on 1 Soccer" is a Sports game that allows for 2-player local or single-player action. Choose a team and compete in 2-minute matches with the goal of becoming the world champion. Playable in your web browser, this game offers a fun and fast-paced soccer experience.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 8,027 reviews

    Drop Kick: World Cup 2018 is an awesome soccer game that will help you prepare for the upcoming football world cup in Russia! Instead of playing a full 90 minutes of football, you can instead take part in a cool penalty shootout tournament with other teams from around the world! The tournament is extensive and you can choose to play preliminary qualification rounds or go straight to the tourna…

  • 49
    Game Brain Score Based on 56 reviews

    "Soccer Fucker Hunter" is an adult game inspired by the "Meet and Fuck" series. You are attracted to your soccer team's new recruit, Hiro, who identifies as straight. The game features a massage scene where you can click on Hiro's nipples for extra interaction. The goal is to find a way to get intimate with the object of your desire.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 1,059 reviews

    Flappy Foot Chinko is another Foot Chinko's soccer game with a bit of Flappy Bird element. Score the goal perfectly without hitting any obstacle. Release Date December 2019 Developer Ravalmatic developed this game. Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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    Game Brain Score Based on 3,980 reviews

    "Penalty Fever" is a classic soccer game that focuses on penalty shootouts. Players can choose their team and compete against opponents in high-pressure situations to determine who can score the most goals. The game features simple controls and allows for customization of various settings, making it accessible and enjoyable for both casual and serious soccer fans.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 582 reviews

    Want to play Squad Goals? Play this game online for free on Poki. Lots of fun to play when bored. Squad Goals is one of our favorite soccer games.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 1,719 reviews

    Head World Cup is the soccer arcade game in which you will select your favorite player from your favorite team and head to the world cup – quite literally. Using your oversized head, you most position your player under the ball and try to score against your opponent. You can play this game against other online players around the world to find the best head soccer player across the globe or p…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 40 reviews
    • gameplay
    • replayability
    • music

    Experience the thrill of head to head Soccer! Note: Trial version runs in browser with controller support available up to 2p Compete in Local Multiplayer or a Single Player Campaign to decide the world's greatest striker!A simple control scheme and exciting presentation ensures that everyone can experience the thrill of the Beautiful Game.Trap, pass, fly through the air, and strike! All with the p…

  • 55
    Game Brain Score Based on 1,077 reviews

    Soccer Volley Challenge is a sports-themed browser game where you play as a penalty kicker with the goal of scoring against the keeper with a volley shot. Timing and precision are crucial as the height of your kick determines the elevation of the shot. You have five attempts to beat the keeper and earn a high score.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 24 reviews

    Goal and Crossbones is a soccer-themed game where you play as a pirate using your head to control the ball. Use WASD or arrows to move and kick the ball with the space bar. If you miss the goal, simply press R to try again or Esc to quit. The game was created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 41 with design, art, and coding by Retrosaur, music and additional design by Riapos, and the name idea by @stevenjmiller.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 18 reviews

    Want to play Blumgi Soccer? Play this game online for free on Poki. Lots of fun to play when bored. Blumgi Soccer is one of our favorite sports games.

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    Game Brain Score Based on 14 reviews

    KICKED OUT OF ELF SCHOOL an RPG Maker Mini-adventure by Mariken S. --- Big ARACHNOPHOBIA warning on this game. Twice over you can ask an ELF to turn off the SPIDER if you so wish. --- If you find any SECRETS . . . keep it to yourself! Or use ROT13 . . . The ELF SCHOOL contains many SECRETS in its aged corridors. --- You are a little ELF who accidentally broke the CRYSTAL, unleashing demons of CHA…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 13 reviews

    S P A C E  P O N G ! Actually, it plays more like soccer in space with boosts :) Thanks for checking it out! Enjoy! If you have the time, please rate my game!

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    Game Brain Score Based on 11 reviews

    Show off your penalty skills! Penalty Kick '91 is an epic Penalty Shoutout for Soccer (and Game Boy) lovers.  In the game, you take turns both as a striker and as a goalkeeper. When playing as a kicker, press “A” to adjust the ball's direction and force. Watch out for the goalkeeper position!  When playing as the goalkeeper, use the d-pad to find the best position to block the ball. Do you have wh…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 12 reviews

    Since the dawn of times forces of good and evil fought a neverending battle. The fate of the world was at stake, while millions of souls clashed in the bloody massacre. Whole continents were cracked and torn apart by might and magic.... Anyway, mhm. That was a long time ago. Now we just kick the giant eyeball around. Ah, the joys of a civilized era! So welcome! Welcome to the Netherworld's major I…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 4 reviews

    CPC Soccer 22: CPC Soccer is back!!! One of the best retro soccer game in 8-bit for your Amstrad CPC 464 or 6128. Break all CPC limits with this game!!! This retro soccer simulator where you can debut in the world cup with your favorite team. The game is very fast and very fun, play alone against the CPU or with more friends, you will not regret it. Dribbles, tackles, fouls, cards, injuries, sho…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 4 reviews

    Sendit Soccer “Send it and bend it!” This is a very minimal game right now.  There is a "free play" mode with basic clock, score keeping, and endless cards.  You decide how long you want to play.  Reload the page to start a new room and game [sorry, will do this better later]. Currently, you have great-but-challenging kick control with various power and bending (see below).  No throw-ins yet, so m…

  • 64
    Game Brain Score Based on 5 reviews

    Lamentable Soccer Bend it like Beckham with this free-kick mini-game. You have 20 shots to score as many points as possible. Points are awarded for goals scored, the closer to the targets in the net the more points are scored, up to 120 per shot.  This game was written over a weekend for the C64 Cassette 50 charity competition, where all code and data has to reside below $1000 in memory. Playable …

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    Game Brain Score Based on 15 reviews

    goalunited LEGENDS is the soccer manager simulator. It’s leagues ahead of other online soccer manager games, thanks to its unique gaming depth providing lasting fun for players. As manager and coach at the same time the player takes on the role as powerful team boss. Only real football strategists can lead their club to the top of the league table and are able to compete with the tough competiti…

  • 66
    Game Brain Score Based on 7 reviews

    Retro Top-Down Racing: Hellstrom Racer Version 0.9.8 - Game still in development. Hellstrom Racer is a retro racing game, done in top-down, minimalist style. If you are a fan of old-school, retro racing games from the NES, Commodore 64, Spectrum, Master System, SNES, and Mega Drive/Sega Genesis - or even Amiga and Atari ST, then Hellstrom Racer may just be the game you have been looking for. Inspi…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 2 reviews

    Welcome to the BETA version of Goofy Soccer 2 - The Maestro The game is pretty much in shape and playable. Though, there are some bugs in the beta. Please test and write your comments. Major Keyboard Controls (can be customized in Settings): Direction (arrow) keys: Sets aim direction of shoots, passes, dribbling etc. Q: kick strong high, W: kick gentle high, E: juggle A: kick strong low, S: kick …

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    Game Brain Score Based on 1 reviews

    Soccer Physics The original Soccer Physics from 2014, now on ❤️ How to play:Push the button to somehow control your team. First to five wins. Controls:Blue team: Up arrow (or left arrow and right arrow in two buttons mode)Red team: W (or A and D in two buttons mode) Music by Strayworx The game is entirely free, with no ads or in-app-purchases, also on Apple's AppStore and on Google Play.Yo…

  • 69
    Game Brain Score Based on 1 reviews

    Ultimate Air Soccer It is a charming mixture of air hockey and football. Try to shoot the ball into the goal by skillfully controlling your figures. You have to anticipate your opponent's move and trick him. The multiplayer mode works well and has been tested properly. However, another player must of course be online at the same time. I recommend making an appointment with friends beforehand. Idea…

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    Game Brain Score Based on 3 reviews

    Hi guys, I bring you Socceralia, a new soccer template for GDevelop 5, license At the moment only one game can be played between Argentina and Italy, my two lands, my homeland and my land of nationality. Well, I've been with this project for a couple of weeks and it's pretty decent and playable. There are some bugs but hey I leave it to you who wants to fix them. The ball is your friend, controls…

  • 71
    Game Brain Score Based on 5 reviews

    In this quirky puzzle, arcade, platformer, become a cat and destroy the house. Every level has tons of interactions from just about every object you can think of. Scratch! Eat! Play! Do what cats were meant to do, destroy... :^) But you don't have all the time in the world, your owners will be home soon, don't you want them to bask in all this destruction? So don't dawdle, play today!  This game w…

  • 72
    Game Brain Score Based on 14 reviews

    Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory is an arcade style soccer/football game, continuation of Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship. The game features 64 national teams (across 8 regions.) The title plays like a typical sidescrolling arcade soccer game, complete with stylized graphics and accessible gameplay.

  • 73
    Game Brain Score Based on 5 reviews

    If a cat and a caticorn could have a soccer match, chasing balls of wool, it would probably look like this cute little game. A fun two player game bursting with adorable cuteness.  I hope you have fun playing it with a friend! This is a personal solo project made by Pranee McKinlay for #NotGDCJam2019 using the suggested theme, MINIMALISM.  Royalty free music from was used as backg…

  • 74
    Game Brain Score Based on 3 reviews

    Description Uruguayan street is an 3d driving endless runner where you drive a car and dodge daily obstacles in the uruguayan streets. You can find feckless drivers, hordes of buses, road cuts for "works", soccer balls and much more! Team Mario Rodriguez - Spiritual Coder Gonzalo Souto - Guerrilla Artist Only on!

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    Game Brain Score Based on 1 reviews

    Pocket Soccer 2018 is a funny and simple soccer game. TIME LIMIT PROMOTION !! Please note that this is the full version ( and without ads )  of the game also released for Android and available on Google Play (see link below). Controls: use the mouse form menù and optionsattack: click on the screen to make your player going zig zagdefence: click on the screen to make your players going zig zagnote:…

  • 76
    Game Brain Score Based on 2 reviews

    CONTROLS: Up Arrow - Forward Down Arrow - Backward Right Arrow - Right Left Arrow - Left R - Respawn X - Buy Horsepower Modifications (Only possible at red altars) C - Buy Weight Reduction Modifications (Only possible at red altars) DriverMania is an arcade driving game where players can drive fantastic cars in a diverse open world environment. Join the drivers exploring the various places to go i…

  • 77
    Game Brain Score Based on 2 reviews

    !!! ATTENTION !!! A much newer version of the game is available to download for free on Google Play! RETRO STAR: TABLE SOCCER is a turn-based local-multiplayer table soccer game. Use your mouse and keyboard to play. CONTROLS Customize your team in edit mode! You can change its color, name and also its formation (dr…

  • 78
    Game Brain Score Based on 1 reviews

    Talk to an old lady, do free kicks in black and white and experience the thrill and excitement of radio in 1928! Play FREE KICK 1928, the visual novel / football simulator you never knew you needed! On March 25th in 1928 the first live football commentary was broadcast on Italian radio. Your grandma Caterina is celebrating her 100th birthday today and she was actually there to witness this histor…

  • 79
    Game Brain Score Based on 1 reviews

    2対2に分かれて対戦するサッカー+ボーリングの新しいスポーツゲームです。 コントローラを押す順番でチームが決定します。 1P+2P vs 3P+4P に分かれて対戦です。 コントローラーの場合 アナログスティック:移動およびシュート方向指示 X ボタン:ガード(シュートのキャッチ、タックルのガード) A ボタン: (ボールを持っているとき)シュートをねらう。離したときにシュート。 (ボールを持っていないとき)タックル キーボード&マウスの場合 スペース:ゲーム参加 エンター:決定 WASD:移動およびシュート方向指示 右クリック:ガード(シュートのキャッチ、タックルのガード) 左クック: (ボールを持っているとき)シュートをねらう。離したときにシュート。 (ボールを持っていないとき)タックル ダウンロード版もあります。ゲーム終了時はALT+F4でお願いします。 *テレビ番…

  • 80
    Game Brain Score Based on 1 reviews

    (Game is best played on Chrome or Windows Desktop, please keep this in mind for your rating. I unfortunately will not be able to fix browser-specific bugs present in some other browsers, given the time limitation) Based on my real-life recurring nightmare (unfortunately)!  A young man named Lincoln seems to be having some trouble waking up from his dreams...  Help him navigate his nightmare using …

  • 81
    Game Brain Score Based on 4 reviews

    Standalone versions recommended.  A local multiplayer sandbox about being skulls in a skatepark.  A game by @Chros @Matt  @Ian and  @Akshay The game is made for educational purposes only.  Compatible with keyboard and mouse, Xbox controllers, and Switch Pro controllers. The WebGL version only supports keyboard and mouse. Credits: Music: Herbie Hancock - Chameleon Herbie Hancock - Spiraling Prism W…

  • 82
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    *Car Go Vroom 2 has been released! Play it at Racing games have been made over and over, all following the same set of rules and game mechanics. At least, all until now.  Car Go Vroom is no ordinary car game! Be prepared for the unlikely as you transform into a chicken, receive a lecture about socks, get surrounded by TONS of cars, gain crazy achieveme…

  • 83
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    The Wicked Manager ----------------------------- Character Artist - My sister Every other thing - Myself (Krit) ----------------------------- Project for Spooktober Jam 2021 ---------------------------- In the time when football isn't all about football that is why it is the time for the wicked manager come in. You are given the role of Wendi Granok who is a witch manager. You have to use your mag…

  • 84
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    The Cybernetic players use special kick shots and built-in arm phasers to destroy other players. Make sure your power meter is FULL when exercising these brutal tactics. Both stadiums, which are magnetically enclosed, enable you to kick or pass... off the wall! There are no fouls in this league, so watch your back or you'll get pulverized by the opposing team! You'll find here the most advanced sp…

  • 85
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    Soccer Fight is a simple game made for LUDUM DARE 41: the theme is  Combine 2 Incompatible Genres.Ludum dare link: You are a soccer player who must survive and kill as many enemies as possibile with the ball! Move toward the ball to catch it and use the mouse to kick it against the enemies. Sometimes one of the two goals is activate ( it bec…

  • 86
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    Get ready for the ultimate sports showdown with Sports Brawl! This high-energy game features six thrilling sports including Aussie Rules Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Waterpolo and Basketball. Compete against friends in local or online multiplayer matches with up to 10 players per game, or challenge yourself against optional AI opponents. Battle it out for glory, using your skills and …

  • 87
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    This is a short Pokémon-inspired RPG with a message. Guiding Ret is about training ghosts, battling, and getting badges! Win battles to gain souls, and lose to forfeit them! Run out of souls and you won't respawn. Become the champion.  INSTRUCTIONS: . The game autosaves at the crossroads Overworld:  . Tap screen to move . Tap your trainer to access pause screen and upgrade menu . Tap a sign to …

  • 88
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    Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship is a continuation of Super Sidekicks, a 2D arcade football/soccer game. The player can choose from one of 48 teams - There are 6 groups with 8 teams in each one: Europe A: Italy, England, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Ireland Europe B: Germany, France, Bulgaria, Sweden, Russia, Greece, Belgium, Romania Americas/Oceania: United States, Mexico…

  • 89
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    LiberoGrande is a football (soccer) game. The user designs his/her own character and can alter his attributes and skills, and control this one player during the match. The user can adjust strategies for the team, but plays each game as their own character. The game features details stadia, with interactive crowd, and a selection of 32 national teams. It also supports two-player mode, via a unique …

  • 90
    Game Brain Score Based on 3 reviews

    BlastFort is a free-to-play multiplayer side-scrolling shooter! With a wide selection of weapons and unique special items, gameplay is fun for everyone! Fight along side your friends in Classic Mode, challenge your friends to a duel in Arena Mode, or play a unique game set with Soccer Mode! Use your weapons and special items to get as far as possible before AI takes over! Available on Desktop, Ste…

  • 91
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    PLEASE NOTE: Above is a playable demo of the game, which is only about 70% complete and is missing many features. It is there for any feedback from those who play it. MOST FEATURES ARE THERE, APART FROM THE MATCH ENGINE the moment, results are dictated by a combination of average quality of each squad and team the best teams will still most of the time at present. Almost…

  • 92
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    Super Sidekicks was the first arcade soccer simulation released for the Neo Geo. The game offers a choice of 12 international teams, each with their own player positioning. Each team also has an "Ace" player with better stats. While in possession of the ball the player can pass and shoot. While on defense shoot is replaced with a sliding tackle used to retrieve the ball, although being too rough w…

  • 93
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    Use your finger as a pick, build your attack and defense strategy, be precise in moving your buttons to perform touches, dribbles and kicks against your opponent. Futebol de Button is a touchscreen game, with single and multiplayer modes. And more: Futebol de Button is multiplatform! Challenge players from multiple devices in a single game! *Now With Relegation in the Brasileirão Serie A and B But…

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    The protagonist finds himself hungover, having lost all of his belongings in a regrettable bender. He embarks on a journey of redemption. His ragtag group of homeboys help him as he is messed with by frat boys, crackheads, and... Hausdorffs...? Features:Explore the townLevel up and defeat your enemies in a turn-based battle system Complete quests for NPCsFind the best equipmentUnlock the sequencer…

  • 95

    are you ready to play best classic game for kid and family play now with your friends this game she have great graphics and nice sound and very easy to play . are you ready ?

  • 96

    Description: Play freely to practice, challenge the championship to win the trophy (with 8 or 16 teams) or have fun with the penalty kick mode. The choice is yours on how to enjoy this game.I hope you have fun! Game Features: Choose between 16 teams to play; Try Free Play mode to practice against the CPU; Challenge the Championship with 8 or 16 teams; Enjoy the Penalty Kick mode; Play using mouse/…

  • 97

    Welcome to soccer training! Would you like to pactice your dribble skill? Try out and see how long you can bounce the ball into the air and catch points until you drop it! And if thats not enoug there will be obstacles coming your way to really test your skill! Try it out now and see how good you are with the ball! Remember, dont let the ball touch the ground!

  • 98

    It is an engaging puzzle game where your objective is to descend safely. It appears straightforward at first glance but offers profound depth. Navigate through numerous levels, honing your intellect while enjoying the journey. Website Developer

  • 99

    Asian Cup soccer/football is here and here is your chance to participate with your favorite team. Go from the round of 16 to the finals and try to win that cup. If you can you can also win other trophies such as the golden boot

  • 100

    Finger Football, also known as button football, penny football, coin football or foosball, is a button game played on a tabletop. It is also known as button football, penny football, coin football or foosball. Various people know this game by different names around the world, including football caps, industrial and various other names, and other variations. Choose your team and complete 100 levels…