Genshin Impact Game Cover

Genshin Impact is a massively multiplayer fantasy role-playing game with an intriguing story, exceptional visuals and soundtrack, and unique atmosphere. Its ingenious game mechanics and plenty of humor create a wholesome experience, but be prepared for grinding and some bugs. Explore a vast world of adventure, form bonds with memorable characters, and uncover the mysteries of Teyvat.

  • Phone
  • Web Browser
  • Android
  • Cloud
  • Mobile Platform
  • NVIDIA GeForce NOW
  • Tablet


Audience ScoreBased on 3,812,959 reviews
graphics1,835 positive mentions
grinding430 negative mentions
  • story3,944 mentions
  • graphics2,850 mentions
  • gameplay1,409 mentions
  • music865 mentions
  • grinding434 mentions
Positive mentions (%)Positive
Neutral mentions (%)Neutral
Negative mentions (%)Negative

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