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Discover the best baseball games to satisfy your love for America's favorite pastime! Our list includes a variety of games such as Hyperrealistic Baseball III, Atari Baseball, and Baseball Stars 2. For those seeking a unique twist, try Anime Couples Dress Up-new, Base Ball Survivor, and D.A.F. Destroy All Fascists. Experience intense office rivalries in Office Fight and The Training. Immerse yourself in our collection of top-rated baseball games and find your new favorite!

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    "Baseball" is a browser sports game where you can experience being a batter in America's favorite pastime. In "Bottom of the Ninth" mode, you must score 5 runs with only 3 outs to win a walk-off game. "Arcade" mode gives you 10 pitches to hit the ball into the outfield target, with scores based on proximity to the center and mode difficulty. Your objective is to hit home runs and prevent the defending team from maintaining their lead.

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    ESPN Arcade Baseball is a web-based game with two modes: Precision Hitter and Bottom of the Ninth. In Precision Hitter, the objective is to score points by hitting the ball as close to the center of the target in 10 pitches, while Bottom of the Ninth simulates a game where your team is down by 2 runs and you have three outs to come back and win. The game is designed for browser play on both desktop and mobile devices.

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    Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 is a fast-paced first-person shooter with pixelated graphics, offering two game modes: deathmatch and team deathmatch. Players can choose from various weapons, including melee and firearms, and must utilize maps' vantage points, hiding places, and cover to succeed. Join the fray and engage in intense online combat with other players today.

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    "Lethal League" is an intense, high-speed ball game where players compete in matches to knock out opponents with a ball that increases in speed each time it's hit. Choose from a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and playstyles. Compete in local or online multiplayer modes, or practice your skills in the training mode. The objective is to hit your opponents with the ball, but watch out – a direct hit at high speed can mean instant defeat!

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    "Resident Zombies: Horror Shooter" is a first-person shooter game with action-packed, survival game elements. The game features various detailed levels, a thrilling atmosphere, and realistic weapon behavior. Players must scavenge for weapons, ammo, and resources while fighting off hordes of zombies with pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, and melee weapons. The game also offers character skins, intuitive operation, and beautiful graphics for an immersive and addictive experience.

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    Office Fight is a casual action game, playable in web browsers on desktop and mobile devices, where you use various weapons, including a baseball bat and baguette, to defeat office colleagues. The game features humorous cartoon-style graphics and allows you to throw enemies in different directions. Your objective is to assert your dominance in the office.

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    "Baseball Pro is a sports-themed web browser game, playable on both desktop and mobile, where players strive to become professional baseballers by hitting incoming balls to achieve high scores. Players must time their swings perfectly to make solid contact and send the ball soaring. With its simple controls and addictive gameplay, Baseball Pro offers a fun and engaging experience for fans of the sport and casual gamers alike."

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    Monster Bash is a simple arcade baseball game that's all about hitting a baseball to get a good distance. Your goal is to go as far as you can, but you're going to have to put in a bit of work before you get to that sweet high score. Each time you hit the ball, it'll hit a few different things that'll help you long the way, this includes gold-filled mushrooms which will give you gold, some monster…

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    "Baseball Kid Pitcher Cup" is a free, online sports game found on Poki, where players can enjoy a baseball-themed experience. Perfect for passing time, the game allows users to step into the role of a pitcher in a competitive cup setting. Join in on the fun and put your pitching skills to the test in this entertaining and engaging baseball game.

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    • emotional

    Rescue yourself from your inexplicable demise in this 2D platformer from tinyBuild.

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    "Kaaarot is a massively multiplayer kids fighting game where players compete to eat characters turned into carrot-monsters for 15 seconds. Use items such as a baseball bat, cursed hat, smoke bomb, and teleporter to stun or reverse directions. Play with 2 to 4 players in ranked or party mode for 2 minutes, with seasonal content and daily unlockable aesthetic content. Join the community system for public or private chat at"

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    "Office Fight" is a casual action game where you use various weapons, including a baseball bat and baguette, to defeat enemies in an office setting. Players can throw enemies in different directions, and the game is set to release on web browsers for both desktop and mobile in December 2023. Show off your boss-like skills in this humorous office battle.

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    Zombie Baseball, a free online Action game brought to you by Armor Games. The End Of The Civilization Has Arrived. The scientists developed a terrible virus that which had the terrible goal to reduce the overpopulated earth in a half, but the virus mutated and only 1% of the human beings survived to the exposure, almost the 90% of the population died and the rest mutated on horrible forms.

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    "Super Disc Box" is an arcade-style game set in 2089 where players control a scientist exploring a massive space disc full of enemy hordes and weapon crates. The game features tight controls, addictive gameplay mechanics, retro art, and a chiptune soundtrack. The goal is to collect crates and climb the high score list, with the mantra "what kills you only makes you stronger."

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    "Butterfly Soup 2" is a free fan-made visual novel game, continuing the story of gay Asian-American teens playing baseball and falling in love. The game covers sensitive topics such as homophobia, racism, and international relations, and features memes throughout. Support the developer by buying the $5 digital artbook, and check the content warning list if needed. The game is also available on Google Play Store and as a web port.

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    "Pinch Hitter 2" is a free online sports game where players start at the bottom and aim to reach the Major League by completing various challenges in an arcade-style baseball setting. The game provides a progressive experience, with the ultimate goal of leading the team to glory. Players must master their pitching and hitting skills to advance and unlock new levels.

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    SUPER IMPORTANT: PLAY THIS IN FULL SCREEN! ALSO DONT USE THE DRAWING TOOL FROM THE MENU, USE IT FROM THE KEYBIND SHIFT!This is a sandbox ragdoll game, in which you can torture ragdolls for your own fun! Drag around ragdolls and items!RightClick the limbs to delete them! Press delete to clear the scene! Shift to activate drawing tool!Click on dropdown to open menu! If your annoying and are too lazy…

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    Playable 3D simulation of this   classic handheld electronic game including views of the original packaging and instruction guide . A RetroFab simulation Version 0.9.8 Details Title Baseball Manufacturer VTech Holdings Ltd. Screen Liquid Crystal Display ( LCD ) Series Explorer Time and Fun Model No. VG-96 Release Date 1984 Description Get some batting practice in this ba…

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    Take control of the game as a baseball umpire. Make accurate calls but make sure your team wins! It's your show after all! Follow For Updates Steam     Website Future Roadmap In addition to the gameplay in the demo, the full release of the game will have a Story mode to let you master Umpiring at all levels! You will start in the amateur leagues and work your way to umpiring in the championsh…

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    Welcome to No Crying In Baseball! In No Crying in Baseball, play as a little league baseball player going to one of his practices. The catch is, your father has finally, finally showed up to practice this time! You're so emotional that you could cry! But, your dad always told you, "There's no crying in baseball, son." Maintain your composure as you play this home-run derby! But beware, it gets har…

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    The current build is only playable with Gamepad / Play in full screen for a better experienceAn arcade game that mixes arkanoid, baseball and zen philosophy.In this early prototype the main goal is the high score. Art & Game Design We Were Nerd Code Doc Hogan SFX by Fede Cotognini Music by Bit By Bit Sound

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    This follow up to Baseball Stars Professional features a fast-paced arcade style baseball with six fictitious teams, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There are two difficulties of play: Beginner, which automatically fields the ball for the player while Exciting has the player do the field manually. Additionally, there are two main modes of play where in the single player mode the pl…

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    A local Sport of Pakistan and India (Gilli Danda) that is brought to the Grand Stage How To Play:  Try to hit the gilli as far as possible to gain maximum score in without missing for 3 turns and getting caught. Try To make it into the leaderboard

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    Bats and bikes - A dashing tale of youth and property damage! Men. Youth. Bats. Motorcycles. Everything a hot-blooded delinquent game and/or a strange reimagined batman origin story needs. Will the Ütz be able to defeat the Trups and become pir- err, delinquent kings?! Or will it be just a pipe dream? Would Dragon Ball Z on motorcycles work? Many of these questions and more will be answered in Bos…

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    Black Quiztory Baseball: Black Girls Rock Special Edition Is a short quiz game that focuses on the achievements of African American women. So play a few games, have some fun and learn a thing or two! Created for the 2018 Black History Month Jam!

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    Known issues with web version: Timer does not display correctly above 1 minuteMay or may not play audio on Firefox, I'm getting different results on different computers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Some mouse lag on Chrome on one of my computers, but it's fine on another. Who knows whyYou can try using a trackpad if you want, but you're probably gonna have a bad time. Mouse is recommended Please let me know if you e…

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    Very difficult home run derby.

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    STORY SO FAR It is another night in a peaceful neighborhood and as usual, Kevin is pouting at his parents in a protest because he doesn't want to go to bed yet. Parents, having enough of the rebellious kid goes: "You know Kevin, kids who are not asleep before midnight are taken away by scary creatures. They prey out of the closet for the rule-breakers so they can take them to their world of Tickle…

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    Ce jeu aussi n'a aucun rapport avec les vidéos de Masko arrêter de me regarder

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    The hero gang, called The Cobras, numbers five members: Blood (former prizefighter, with a passing resemblance to Mike Tyson), Hawk (former professional wrestler, with strong resemblance to Hulk Hogan), Boomer (a martial artist, possibly based on Jean-Claude Van Damme), Sledge (a military ex-convict with passing resemblance to Mr. T), and Kate, the damsel in distress, described as Hawk's protegee …

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    !!! CLICK THE GAME WINDOW FIRST, THEN HIT SPACE TO BEGIN !!!THE DAN GAMEBy Eric RossStory:Our quest begins with our hero Dan, in search of his friend-in-need Dr. The James. Will he make it to the end and defeat his archenemy...or suffer a face worse than death at the hands of the evil girls? YOU WILL BE THE DECIDER! Controls:Up arrow - Jump or climb up vines.Down arrow - Crouch or climb down vines…

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    In Hatris, the falling blocks of Tetris are replaced by falling hats which are top hats, cowboy hats, baseball caps, derbys, party hats and crowns. The setting is a hat factory, where hats are dropped down from a conveyor belt two at a time and must be stacked on one of six mannequin heads. Once five hats of the same kind have been stacked on top of each other, they fall down onto another conveyor…

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    Baseball Stars Professional is the follow-up to Baseball Stars for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and features comic-style graphics. Choose from a variety of teams that include Celestial Planets, Heavenly Bodies, Shadow Demons, Battle Knights, Fabulous Superstars, and many others. Then select the field where the game is to be held: The SNK stadium or the SNK dome. Each field has the same dimen…

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    Player chooses team and plays baseball against computer. Game ends when player is tied or losing at the end of an inning or nine innings have been played.

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    Clutch Hitter is a typical baseball game which has all the Major League teams and their stats for the 1991 season. However, it does not have players names or team names. The game's look is similar to R.B.I. Baseball and it is based off on Sports Talk Baseball for the Genesis. The length of the innings can be determined to choose from five, to seven, to the full nine innings and when batting the sc…

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    You choose a team from a selection of North American teams, then play ball against the computer, batting or fielding. The screen consists of the entire baseball pitch and a sidebar view of the pitching/batting. Features amusing base slides and crowd cheering "animation".

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    You are a lone wanderer equipped with your amazing baseball bat. Battle slime monsters, demons and cultists while getting through the Cultist's Lair.   Made for the 2018 Mini Jam. Controls: W/A/S/D - MoveLeft Mouse: Attack/hitMouse: Look around (horizontal only) Tips: Killing enemies grants you extra health.The map is non-linear (multiple paths through).Use health pickups scattered around the map …

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    Two thousand years ago, the Romans invented a sport called "Baseball". This sport involved two warriors standing on a floating platform and trying to knock each other off using clubs, which later became known as "baseball bats". This sport became lost to time because of various factors likeconcerns about the health of the players, leather companies wanting to make money, wanting to fit more player…

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    Baseball Pro is a HTML5 Sport Game. Try to make as many home runs as possible!

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    Hit your baseball as hard as possible and upgrade your stats! Improve your best distance and unlock even better baseball bats! Prepare for some endless baseball fun!

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    Baseball, blood, and beer! How High can you score? Bounce = 10ptsBeer = 50ptsKill = 100ptsCleared Field = 100pts Let me know what you guys think, I'll keep adding updates if you like it!

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    A baseball game, that will test your batting skills. Battle against other hitters to see who can destroy the most building windows. Imagine having a home run derby in the middle of a city.

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    Hit, Run, Score! Batter up! Play ball! Hit more powerful home runs to dominate the competition! Play short yet sweet memorable matches!

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    Grab your blocky bat and step up to the plate, we’re gonna play some baseball. Hit curveballs and fastballs, but dodge the paint bombs, in a fast, fun batting game. PLAY BALL!

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    Flick your finger and make a homerun. You can experience a real baseball batting through the physical pendulum.

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    1 Button Baseball is a game where you swing a bat to hit a ball. Press the mouse button to swing and depending on the timing it will launch the ball at a specific angle. Hit the Home Run target to gain extra points. Originally was made for the 1-Button Jam 2022 (Challenge was only 1 button can be used) -

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    are you ready to play best classic game for kid and family play now with your friends this game she have great graphics and nice sound and very easy to play . are you ready ?

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    Destroy all objects with your bat, but be carful with bombs! Get the best score!

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    Web build will be laggier than downloaded builds since it's running a 3D game in the browser.Defeat the evil umpires, pitchers, and sentient gloves! Hyperrealistic Baseball III is a 3D Platformer where your goal is to get the ball to the top of the world with the help of your bat. Made during the University of Washington Game Development Club's themed game jam, One Action Multiple Functions, in Wi…

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    Baseball basics is a maze runner game where your one objective is to find a cabbage. However, this goal is complicated by one legged, explosive robots. With your trusty baseball bat in hand, smack these enemies away as you make your way to the cabbage, but be careful because they will explode after being hit. How the game was made: I was given 1 month to produce any game to my liking with very fe…

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    Gully Baseball is the game where you play baseball with your opponent and destroy the most building windows to win the match, use your mouse to play the game

  • 52

    Welcome back Baseball Hero!!! We have a mission for you: Save our country. We have your favorite weapons ready to strike the enemy. So get your things together and hit the road.  No matter the monsters you face off in your way...  YOU NEVER SURRENDER!!! Show the world who is a real hero. --------------------------------------------- Story Mode: You will be traveling between 20 cities of East Coast…

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    Defeat the evil umpires, pitchers, and sentient gloves! Hyperrealistic Baseball II is a 2D Pinball Platformer(?) where your goal is to get the ball to the top of the world with the help of your bat and oversized arm.Soundtrack available here!Made during the University of Washington Game Development Club's extreme sport themed game jam in Winter 2018.  Can also be purchased in the bundle here! Cont…

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    In Baseball Legends 2, you are the manager of a fantasy baseball team and have to lead your players to the ultimate goal: win the Baseball cup! With Baseball Legends:  Get the best from your players. Train your rookies, take care of your stars, and help your ace to be the season MVP. You'll see the results of your hard work throughout the seasons Follow the scoreboard, rankings, and reactions from…

  • 55

    SUPER ACTION! SUPER FUN! SUPER MIGHT! SUPER NOVA! Nova Boltstar is the pixel-perfect video game that's out of this world! Play as Nova, a cyborg princess who must fight her way through the Techno Tourney to save her kingdom, Cybervania, and her brother, Alaric, from the evil Xandra Blackwood, who is madly in love with him and seeks to force him into marriage and take over Cybervania if she wins! N…

  • 56

    Fashion Doll Sports Day is a fashion dress-up game. Do you like sports? Lily is a sunny girl who likes sports. She likes basketball, baseball, badminton, etc. Dress her up in some nice sportswear. We have short sleeves, skirts, pants and dresses. Also, match it with a bag. With the blessing of clothing. Lily will shine on the field. Come and challenge your matching skills and feel the beauty of sp…

  • 57

    Talk with your own interactive Dinosaur! Discover the mysterious world of dinosaurs! Welcome to explore this amazing place and discover the secrets hidden underground. Talking Dinosaur is a great game. Travel into the wild backwoods to find the remains of dinosaurs. Put up new buildings and provide entertainment, collect coins and gems, talk to the dinosaur. Jump right into the middle of this cr…

  • 58

    Rising up to the challenge of our rival! Face to face, out in the heat, just a man and his will to survive! Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past. You must fight just to keep them alive!So what I’m trying to say is: Kick some butt and enjoy the view! Because now you are a Fight Master! I know you have it in you! Just get there, and show them who has the iron fist. Or just punch them with …

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    NOTE: Browser version unstable with low frame rate near end game. For smooth gameplay experience please download. Detective Cyborg fights to survive in hard city streets to solve The Mystery. Find THE MERCHANT and his BLUE LIGHT to upgrade Detective Cyborg to confront who is behind The Mystery! Controls: Detective Cyborg's attacks target the closest enemy, WASD to move Detective Cyborg. ----------…

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    In Benchwarmer Billy, you play as a sad but determined young boy named Billy. Promising to show the world who you truly are, you join the local baseball team. Right when you get your chance at bat... something terrible happens. Inspired by games such as Vampire Survivors and Enter the Gungeon!The fantastic music was provided by a friend by the name of TheIronBuns! Made for the 2023 SCREAM DUNK Gam…

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    Go for the SUPER HIT & Compete for the Championship! ⚾ Fun Free online multiplayer PVP Baseball games

  • 62

    Then challenge yourself in an epic Hit Master 3D game! Here you must prove that you are the best and most accurate spy of all! Once you're ambushed, you are attacked by a huge crowd of enemies, and all you have is a lot of knives! Throw knives at your aims, eliminate them one by one and beat 'em all to survive! Do you like action spy movies? Do you like to silently defeat rivals? Then challenge yo…

  • 63

    Lombardi's back, and he's more dangerous than ever. Dodge rockets, blow shit up, and cause mayhem in Matador Records Laboratory as you fight your way to Lombardi, a money hungry wolf hiding in an inconspicuous giant robot. Will Trait and Stoney stop him from breaking their knees with a baseball bat? There's only one way to find out. This is a fan game based on the band 1 Trait Danger. All of the …

  • 64

    Are you good at remembering short words with four to six letters? Letter Boom Blast is actually not a pure baseball arcade game but a letter puzzle game. Your objective is to help the red stickman baseball player run to the finish area by means of blasting all wrong letters out from the obstacle word cube walls on the platform track at each level on time. Glad you will always find the wrong letter…

  • 65

    The players summoned from baseball hell will attack you. Hit the ball back and make them ascend to heaven. Controls:[PC]Move    WASD or ArrowSwing    Mouse Left or Space key [Mobile]Move    Touch screen and dragSwing    Touch screen Developer: @hisashimaru_ This game was created during the Game Jam event, and was developed using C and Raylib.

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    This game is a compilation of Microgames, or short minigames, based on various sports, ranging from Baseball to American Football. Be quick though, as you only have 6 seconds to beat each microgame. Play for as long as you can, for if you lose at any point, the game will end and your highest score will be recorded. Try to go for as long as possible. Created and Developed by Rick Velez.

  • 67

    What do you do when humanity had no hope against its cat overlord? You appease him with deadly sports, of course! Compete in multiple sports such as: baseball, swimming, and track. Who says you can’t have fun while trying to appease the cat god Astro? He is one cat to rule them all. Swim Game This is a game to test your aquatic agility. Make your way across the swim lane while avoiding explosive…

  • 68

    Something wicked this way has come.Your neighborhood has been stricken with a curse that turned all the adults into horrible monsters! Grab your trusty baseball bat and fight through an endless hoard of ghouls and collect as much candy as you can. During the day, you can trade your candy to get better weapons. Do so quickly, cause when night falls it's time to do it all again. It's an endless Hall…

  • 69

    (MUST BE PLAYED IN FULLSCREEN TO WORK) Controls: Mouse - Use the mouse to move and click to swing bat. Tab - Brings up tutorial and score values of each enemy. Also allows you to configure volume of the music. About: Chaos Slugger is a submission for the Brackey's Game Jam 2021.2 Ever hear someone say "I hate that I died because a stupid dice roll!" or something similar? Well this game is not for …

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    neon bricks app among us a like beast changer baseball app emulator f for fighting g for girls 2020 hacker and artwork that give neon bricks you real money for free app hider a of thrones box cartoon database for editor frozen neon bricks

  • 71

    Johnny Miers is a simple teen in a small town. He plays in the high school baseball team and takes part of the math club as the treasurer. One day, his family cleans out their attic and there he discovers his family’s old mansion. The old building is located nearby the woods at the edge of the town. The same night, he walks over to take a look of his family’s history.  His great-great grandfather,…

  • 72

    This game will make you a real fighter! Gather your friends, choose your character and upgrade their equipment and special attacks. Prove to everyone in the world that you are the best fighter. Online fights with other fighters, unique attacks for every character, combos, jumps and rolls, fireballs, frost spells and lightning. Complete the Challenges mode where you have to show your skills. Featur…

  • 73

    A baseball game, that will test your batting skills. Battle against other hitters to see who can destroy the most building windows. Imagine having a home run derby in the middle of a city.

  • 74

    A new doll styling app where you pick hairstyles, facial features, makeup, apparel and accessories for a Japanese young chick and a guy on their romantic go-out. Rummage through the large wardrobes of both comic characters and try out dozens of fashionable garments: dresses, pants, shorts, tops, skirts and more. Explore options and design all kinds of outfits. E.g. give the pair an intelligent, ge…

  • 75

    You and your friends were just playing baseball in the street when suddenly someone hit it out of the park! And right into the town's local haunted house....Venture inside and solve puzzles while avoiding the children who became lost before you... and become a lost child yourself as the natural aura of this place changes you into one of the lost...During the game jam rating period, you will start …

  • 76

    The fascists are marching again. Grab your baseball bat and magic power cards and show them that they are not welcome! A tiny card based puzzle game with 8 levels. Made in a week for the game jam. How to play The goal is to clear the level of all fascists. Each turn you can select cards to move your character (or perform special abilities).  Move To move your character, you have to selec…

  • 77

    An absurdist, player-driven, online almost-baseball league where community members bet and spend a virtual currency to make changes to teams, players, rosters, and even the rules of the game across simulated seasons.

  • 78

    Moonglove 2D baseball video game on the moon. The aliens challenge you to hit the ball as hard as possible to reach all the bases before the ball hits the moon.  If you win, you will receive a moonglove. You have to move between the celestial objects like in Super Mario Galaxy.The levels will increase in difficulty adding obstacles between the bases. X-Y minutes playtime.Game made in 1 month for G…

  • 79

    -CONTROLS-A, D, LeftArrow, RightArrow - MoveW, UpArrow, Space - JumpLeftShift - AttackS, DownArrow - Duck0 Key - Open Menu/InventoryIt's the far future in Diamond City, a rookie baseball player, Kasey Chaser, is looking to become a pro player. To achieve this goal, Kasey sets out to enter the fabled, STRIKEZONE, a virtual world where one can train for as long as they desire. However, finding his w…

  • 80

    Play as a baseball player training at night before the big game. Master the bat's controls to hit a home run and score one for the team. Controls: Mouse left/right to swing bat around player, [ and ] to adjust the sensitivity of the bat.Credits for most of the models in the game (the cap, baseball, cannon, and ballpark in the game) belong to Poly by Google under a CC-BY license. https://poly.googl…

  • 81

    Unique Identity Controls: This game can only be played with a controller, there is currently no mouse and keyboard controls for the game. Movement - Left Joystick (Controller)Looking around - Right Joystick (Controller)Picking up item - X (Controller)Using torch - RB (Controller) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When a group of…

  • 82

    Avoid the killers as you try to grab as much cash as possible. The sequel to Stick City, this time you need to avoid the killers and the vehicles for as long as possible. Pick up the baseball bat to help defend yourself.

  • 83

    JET ADVENTURE GAME:  Climb into space by crossing the plains and snow-capped mountains of Earth. Defeat the creatures and monsters you encounter along your way. Empower yourself to overcome obstacles and beat any enemy. Always reach a higher peak proving to be the best. You will find help and weapons along your way that will help you on your very long climb. PS. Remember to rest sometimes because …

  • 84

    Launch a penguin as far as you can! Fly fast, bounce high, brilliantly escape obstacles in all locations! Upgrade your penguin to become the best.Hit the friends to help you fly higher and reach the love. To achieve this unique goal, you need to control a polar bear armed with a baseball bat. This will not be his only weapon, as he will receive additional shock equipment as he plays. Collect coins…

  • 85

    A baseball game, that will test your batting skills. Battle against other hitters to see who can destroy the most building windows. Imagine having a home run derby in the middle of a city. A free tap sports game for kids and adults with fierce competition. Gameplay is very simple and easy. Hit the ball and break the windows with a satisfactory shattering sound.

  • 86

    The Bat Mafia The bat mafia is an arcade game that starts when you discover a strange baseball bat in the middle of a soccer field. Why is it there? Let's take it. Oh... no..., NOW YOU CAN'T DROP IT AND IT IS PULLING YOU TO OTHER PEOPLE! ANYONE NEAR WILL DIE! Try to avoid citizens from dying and defeat The Bat Mafia, that is trying to recover the cursed bat by killing you. ❈•≫──────────≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫──…

  • 87

    Welcome to the Tower of Tension! You've traveled far to be here, and at long last, the Legendary Hammer of Sixela is almost within your grasp. But first, you must climb the tower, face terrible spikey bois, ferocious spherical cows, and the mysterious but very clean roambos! With your trusty baseball bat, and the promise of rocket launchers, hook shooters, and jetpacks ahead of you, you know that …

  • 88

    Pumpkin Smash It happens every October; thousands of pumpkins are horrifically murdered by the humans as a part of macabre Halloween decorations. But not this year. Sentience has sprouted inside of you, and you must defend your pumpkin siblings from the hordes of humans who want nothing more than to carve them into Jack-o-Lanterns. Can you save your pumpkin patch from annihilation? Gameplay:The hu…

  • 89

    protect your family from evil grannyGranny is a monster with baseball.She will attack your family many times.Create weapons ,and fight to surviveKeywords:block granny horror, block granny game, block granny horror game, block granny mod, block granny horror mod, block granny chapter 2, block granny horror chapter 2, block granny horror online, block granny horror multiplayer, block granny horror d…

  • 90

    Take Over The Scoring Title! Play as your favorite Composite K players* in Guzman Home Run Derby! Hit those baseballs out of the stadium in four game modes!Set new records on the local leaderboard! Play as the entire Composite K team*! Check out the "About" page in-game for more information. *DLC cannot actually be purchased. Do not attempt to buy DLC. Special thanks to Guzman and Composite K for…

  • 91

    Left / Right - Move Up - interact Down - baseball bat Z - select (on computer) X - leave computer Write your code. Fight off the trolls, bugs, and hackers. Remember to caffeinate

  • 92

    The Major League Baseball season continues! Build your own baseball team in MLB Live Challenge, your connection to real Major League baseball! Collect player tickets featuring real-life pros from all 30 Major League teams, and test your lineup against real-world MLB game results, updated every day! Upgrade your players, manage your roster and create the ultimate lineup in MLB Live Challenge!

  • 93

    A black and white 2-player baseball game.

  • 94

    Ninja Baseball Batman is an abstract, horizontally-scrolling beat-em-up for in which up to four players control a team of robotic baseball-star ninjas who must fight their way through a variety of levels, defeating the game's many enemies.

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  • 96

    Strike Zone Baseball is an action-oriented baseball game with the DOS version starring the baseball star Orel Hershiser. This game offers 2 modes of play - strike zone (main game), and home run derby (batting training). This gameplay is made up for by animations of baseball players, and user interface that allows you to adjust both the speed and direction of your bat with on-screen gauges The play…

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  • 98

    Baseball game developed in 1987 by Cinematronics.

  • 99

    Tornado Baseball is a two player baseball game. Players alternate batting and field play without having to switch positions around the arcade cabinet. The game allows a full nine inning game to be played or single innings. The game is monochrome, but uses a semi-transparent mirror to project the screen on a coloured stadium background.

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